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  1. @Thingyman We offer Voe as tribute.
  2. Closing thread and poll at OP's request.
  3. Category5 for alternate. Looking forward to that Steins;Gate game!
  4. Choosing from the mafia elite here, and having read the recommendations and concerns regarding time and availability, I would like to nominate Voe. ##vote Voe While he likely will have no worry of a D1 joke phase with votes piling onto him, I would lose it though if Voe still manages to get himself lynched Day 1
  5. Totally slipped my mind. Sending you character PM now.
  6. Thirteen signups so far. I'm hype. If I don't get some PR posts out tomorrow morning and get the word out on this one, remind me to do so!
  7. Idk what the clans are up to these days, my own included. Count me in for this.
  8. I voted NorthByNorthwest. It's the latest one I've heard on TeamSpeak when we were discussing maps we want to see back, so there's no question of interest in its revival.
  9. [blurb]We need your input on several APB features and fixtures! Come and let us know your opinion![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.5.png[/thumb]Several threads have started recently, asking for your feedback! ChopBam asks, "Which APB maps should we bring back?" Raap asks what improvements can be made to his map, Hostile Waters. Pushwall asks how everyone would feel about implementing an anti-stalemate feature. Visit these threads and others in the W3D Hub Discussion forums and express your thoughts!
  10. Nice, so my issue was resolved (and now I do not know what to do with my signature now). NodGuy's issue remains, and I too attempted to use my Rank Image and it did not work. I'm fairly certain it's related to our forum upgrade, and whatever things need fixing as a result whether it's the launcher or the ranks page itself. @moonsense715 @danpaul88
  11. I had voted for "Lack of a land-base route". While it's a large map and I cannot see how a land route would be possible other than tunnels connecting the two islands, nevermind the journey that will be crossing that distance, I feel this may be the issue. Once either side (Allies mostly) secures the middle icebergs, the opposing team may as well be out of luck for the remainder of the match. While this can be attributed to lack of coordination among team players, I have to agree with NodGuy that Allies hold an advantage over the Soviets here. I understand it's about map control, as well as the benefits of capturing the neutral structures, but at times it feels hopeless for Soviets to make a comeback. Hinds get decimated by Rocket Soldiers, making that approach unfeasible alone, and Allied naval superiority rules out Soviet LST rushes. With those as the only two attack routes, it becomes a waiting game of the Allies moving off the icebergs and making a run at the Naval Yard and game over.
  12. Oh no, I mean it does update automatically! I mean where's the option to edit the forum signature? I've been meaning to do so but I might just be missing the option, oddly enough.
  13. I have no answer unfortunately, but instead come with another question. Where do you see the option to update your signature? I've been looking for it and I must be blind.
  14. This would be something to add, definitely. Not sure what needs fixing before our forum gets that, but I too would like to see that return.
  15. Press Q to enable pivot? Or maybe P for pivot?