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  1. Our forums have seen some exciting developments, and we have since established our own Discord server. While there is much to look forward to, we would like to turn to you guys and ask for your input. What is it that you, the player, the community member, want to see next from W3D Hub? What is the next thing that you would like to see be released, created, or updated? Which of these are you looking forward to the most? Post your thoughts and let's have some discussion.
  2. Entering the Mammoth is a little tricky. It takes a few attempts from different angles to find the right approach. On infantry that cannot enter vehicles, there are some that cannot drive a vehicle on their own but are able to ride as passengers in the GDI and Nod APCs. As for the Bug Tracker, it's next on the to-do list of forum fixes. Since the upgrade, some services have been needing updating in order to work with this latest IPB version. Hang tight, and welcome back OrangeP47!
  3. #ThrowbackThursday check our Facebook and Twitter!

  4. As much as I have changed avatars, I don't quite remember what my original ever was.
  5. It is Wednesday, my dudes.

  6. Sounds like we need to play again @Pushwall
  7. Sounds like something scum would say. ##vote Jeod
  8. @OWA Hope you had a great one! Cheers to 27!
  9. I do like spaceships, and the idea of everyone playing a role within one ship as a crew sounds cool. I just need to scrounge up some Steam money while you assemble more crew members.
  10. Maybe try waking Pluk up for some mafia?
  11. Get in on forum mafia while you can! Check Off-Topic for Verti's upcoming game.

  12. These have only gotten better and better!